Extent Of Life

When the things around us change their tide, it doesn’t mean we are in difficult waters, it signifies our endurance is being tested. A highly ludicrous thought swaying in the Earthian minds is that the world is a stage set for the survival of the fittest to survive.Alas! Why would we compete with someone who is of irrelevant importance to us, it is totally preposterous to have a thinking such as this. Introspecting why such a thinking prevails, the quintessential answer comes, our society. It flexes a nonchalant hegemony on our lives that we are made to believe that our life is a Super Mario game where difficulty increases with every passing level and only way to sustain till the flag mast is by literally destroying others. Whenever an alternative thinking arises, it is botched up since we are smitten with the unreal. Assuage our conscience, it is time to expunge the truth from our very own life track. Bracing our dreams, parting with our negatives AND gating our positives defines us. Setup the battlefield within us, train our wits,expertise our knowledge and attack thoughts of contempt. We remember, life may be a horse race as said by the orthodox, but even in a horse race the horse thrives for success only in its lane not in others. Defeat oneself, the real opponent, to win the ultimate battle. Conquer oneself to proclaim as “Emperor “. Live life like the way we see. See life like the way we want to live. Life is once to be lived, never give a chance of having the thought of living the life again.Life has never got a playback option either.


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