When there were million hearts around me, why did mine fix the beat with yours. I admit there are thousands who yearn for you, who will write novels for you, but believe me I still love you more than any of them. The air around me seems to smooch me, romantic scripts have become scriptures for me and songs never come to an end. The sky seems to play with colors on my mood and birds chirp at the hint of your arrival. All that I need is just a cup of coffee with you, to pour my love into emotion and recreate into life like. A pinch of sugar in water absorbs itself, a hint of your smile has absorbed me deeper in yourself. The eyes that I wear twinkle like the brightest stars at the sight of you. The seconds that surround you, around me seems to sprint away. Wonder whether I have a reason to tell why my heart beats faster when my squinting eyes catch your gleaming face. I know, I am not the best for you but I wonder whether there are any, whose condition has worsened like mine after your arrival. Gift me a life to tell me how much I love you, sprinkle your charm on me and hold my hand forever, or else I will cease to exist. Give me love to make me live or else destroy me with all your hate. All I need is just you, hate or love.


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