When Newton Proved Me Wrong !

When life has become still,

I am still alive.

Around, the flowers  forgets to color itself,

Still my eyes beam with radiance.

The Sun has gone to eternal sleep, darkness looms,

But sunshine falls on me.

Breeze stopped its flight, depriving life,

And here I am yearning for lesser breath.

Corpses fill the spaces around, stinking,

But I smell of  fragrance over me. Why?

OH! And there you lay before me, My Love,

But why do my eyes wet themselves,

When you are in my hold, your divinely flesh rubbing me.

I feel the chill when my heart beats in melancholy ,

My heart wanted to stop, but I wanted to stay.

Oh! Thee cruel death you took my life with you,

And my soul searching ever for it.

Weigh my heart as thousand kilos,

And my life a mere formality.

Pause a moment, she is on her way,

And why am I still lingering here?

The heights of distance seems small in the scale of our love,

Alas! the pain which my head receives with floor is a sweet memory of yours.

The world came to life,

Buzzing around the bloodbath of mine.

Happy I am to join you and hold you,

Oh! Mistress Gift me thousand deaths if that all meant ,I could join you.




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