Being Single !

With Valentine’s day celebrations coming to a halt, curtailing screens on the most conspicuous romances of the year, comes as a relief potion for the intimidated unary population like me.

Was it all bad to be “single”?,No, being single is cool, awesome and glorifies my personality will be my prompt answer.So,how cool I am being  Single. Am so cool that I take painstaking efforts to grab the weekend shows and land myself in the theatre with my bestest buddy next to me,tring! tring! friend walks out, leaving me all alone to watch the soppy with noone to buy me a popcorn during the interval. I hurl my abuses at his girlfriend with zero viscosity and high fluidity Stop!, she happens to be my sister, bequeathed out of compulsion. I have twelve dozen friends and innumerable sisters from them. Popcorn apart !,climax arrives, so does my friend, to borrow my bike key to pick the dementor,Sorry!,my sister!.How on earth will I reach back home, still I give him the key with a nod.Believe me, it was the first instance of me really wishing to take an ice bucket challenge.

And being single I was robbed off my popcorn,taken to street and forced to stage a Dandi march.

Inspite of being made a Gandhi, I Usain Bolt to home, just in time to catch my favorite TV series. Stuffed cushions, crossed legs, steaming coffee, eyes glued to the television set, it was my time, my favorite drama series the only romance I wished to see hoping I will stage it in my life one day. Knock! Knock! Devil arrives,Phew! friend comes to return the key. The meeting which should have ended quick extends indefinitely, with me cursing my mother for treating my friends so well unlike other moms. Invariably and unavoidably that moment arrives again, when I want to bang my head against the wall for being single and a devoted friend all this years. But should I?, being single is cool and friendship is a ship that never sinks, ahaan!.

So naive I was that in all these days of my driving I used to think speed breakers were put to cut down speed. The push, the jolt, the grab,gimmicks,Huh! these speed breakers had many other purposes too. Inspite of being atheist and agnostic I invoked God to reincarnate me as my bike which is not as unlucky as I am. I wonder why in all these years not even a single girl prompted me for a free ride. This made me sceptical about god. Why me alone? Do you hear me?

Friendship is a serious supernatural disorder and there is no way of driving it away. The devil bids an intermittent bye leaving behind a sore heart and a bored mind. Night arrives, I reach my mortuary my bedroom, my phone moping alone at one corner and its owner wiping it. No beeps, no guffaws,no gossips, no kisses, no love you’s,i cuddle my pillow to sleep in awe of all those who are funding the telecom night services. The sun shows up, routine starts, I go around demonstrating my coolness, with my heart wailing and my eyes weeping at the overgrowing  evergreen couples. I am still single, because ‘Being Single” is so cool.


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