True Colors !

India, a heaven on earth where people build their lives on banks of federalism and secularism rather on unjust prejudices. A nation where a Chaiwala can become Prime Minister and an Aam Aadmi Chief Minister. Souls are many, cultures different, colour varied but the hearts of 1.2billion beat to one rhythmic tone ‘India’. When even one of those beat misses, tone disrupts. Today it has happened, the tone has disrupted and India has become the matter of scoff all over the world.

From intolerance to the recent JNU incident, the Government has proved again and again that it comprises of people who are incapable of ruling the largest growing economy in the world.

Lynching an innocent man in the prospect of fishing out beef in his dish based on rumours proved out how desperate the Government is in stamping it’s unruly attitude on the hapless citizens. This also proved that the rulers and ruling party are serious contenders for non-rational thinking by projecting monotheistic feeling around. Patriotism and nationalism has been conspicuously called to airlift them as saviours of ‘HIndustan’. But they have failed to understand that Governments may change but the opinion and common interest of people do not pay heed to submissive orders. Failing to prove it’s stance and unable to revert its image, Government has again landed in its state of humiliation for taking dialogues of celebrities way too serious. The government has received flak and raised serious concern on its ability to run a secular India.

“Where the mind is without fear and head held high, Where knowledge is free,

There my father let my country awake”

For decades, students union has been upheld as a sacrosanct in political circles. But the recent JNU incident has torn off the image of educational institution which are revered as hallowed turf. Schools and colleges are places which have been devoid of any political influences, where like minds brood for better tomorrow. In a secular state like India, the most inspiring and highest form of rational thinking arises during this period. When political players want to channelise this in a specific path, there is every chance of youth losing direction.

In the JNU incident, where the Government cracked down the University campus after reports of Pro-Afzal groups raising voice has raised suspicion over Governments true intent of patriotism. If at al the Government is so nation bound, why is it so silent even after David Headley naming Hafiz Saeed on his charge sheet. To add masala Hafiz Saeed has dared Indian authorities to arrest him. Prime Minister has time to dine in Pakistan and create unrest among students for voicing opinions but finds himself in hibernation mode when it comes to acting against the real enemies.

The sedition act was introduced by the colonial Government in 1880s to make Indian Freedom fighters dumb to their atrocities. When asked for justice their doors were shut with laws of sedition. Branded for quisling, our leaders languished in jail for years under this diabolic law. Gandhiji  himself had called sedition “prince among the political sections of the Indian Penal Code designed to suppress the liberty of the citizen”A law manipulated according to the wishes of power hungry rulers. Even after Independence several attempts were made to scratch out this law. But the tenacity with which sedition act has survived in our constitution shows the dark shade of our politics.

With oceans of people thronging in support and with falsity of the arrest proven, it is time Government act swiftly to restore the lost pride instead of indulging in egregious abuses. Voicing opinion and practicing religion does not undermine one’s love for country. Like me, there are many out there who have raised their heads above the flag just out of sheer irritation not halting our dedication, but just to infuse the faith that together we are, together we shed our differences, together we live, together we can take our flag to even more heights.

‘India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.  I love my country and to it I pledge every ounce of my breath and blood”.

We live in India, a land, a forlorn with sufferings of our forefathers, built on corpses of selfless leaders and draped by chaste blood of those who died for the future to live.

They dreamt of a day when people will not be judged by caste, colour, creed but by their intent of character. We are living in their dream. And to the people out there who call themselves as Patriots, ‘Our Dream is Not Over Neither Will It Be Over’.


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