Amma !

My day has become darker and mind filled with your thoughts,

My eyes search for you, though I know  the air has taken you into her,

Breathing in and breathing out,  your scent,

Cant I breathe my life in you.

I am left wailing here in need of your caressing arms.

You carried me with ease and infused life in me,

How selfish am I !, Carrying you now has become my biggest burden.

Hallowed body of yours awaits final farewell, the body of mine stuck to earth,

Amma ! I have fallen down, wont you lift me.

The days when I arrived after the moon knocked down the sun,

You waited right there where you are laid now, to see my face,

I have come early Amma, wont you see me,

Darkness has faded over me and light a distant memory.

You rubbed me up and down, pouring water on and around,

Now, I stroke your chaste flesh for the first time with trembling hands knowing it was the last too,

Your eyes have popped out, face swollen, kids shrug away with fear,

To me you look beautiful as ever, your face piercing my heart and calling me, Pappu smile.

My smile is shattered in all the places you are missing Amma !

Why did you leave me alone ?

The Fire has been lit and my heart spilling every bit of blood it had saved,

The sun looks red and new dawn has arrived …..


Where are you Amma?

Clock has started ticking, lamp has blown off,

I stare at the doorstep waiting for you,

Failed, but will still keep waiting for you Amma !!


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