Real Men Do Exist !

Men don’t cry ! Do they ? Yes, they don’t and precisely they shouldn’t. I had been guessing ‘The Men’ which includes me, in fact are made of flesh and bones like the women, aren’t we ?. Then why the fuss of advocating drought land ?

I came across a thought ‘ Real Men Don’t Cry’, pardon me I haven’t heard of any such real Man’s existence. What really exists is Crying, which  has become a checkbox used deliberately from times unsaid to differentiate the two sexes.

Crying is a sign of weakness and contagious to the undefined world of the perceivers of the adjective ‘Manly’. So, lets bring light on this lusciously high spirited words ‘Manly’ ‘Manlier’ ‘Manliest’. The most noblest of minds and the suave warriors of the gender phenomenon term it as an activity befitting  a man; flaunting muscles, rough throat, tough head and of course the important amongst them condescending the opposite sex and belittle the critics.

These big bunch of highly colored minds with the broadest shoulders have engrossed in such a motivating life that they find the absence of a difference between A Rock and A Dog and A Dog and A Man. Absolutely, Yes ! they are infallible and their predictions always come true as their self judgments never go wrong. Once I found them highly pathetic in their passion towards their fair minded thought when they were made to spectate the act of an ‘Orange Army’ who made the rocks cry. They shrugged it as Science but I would have preferred to call ‘Mantrics’, but still they failed to suffocate in the truth, even Science cries ! Why not Men ??  The Wisest Minds they are.

Dating back to history on how this preposition started and how these wise men came into existence. The Golden days of the highly decorated Olden Period when a Man had any number of wives he wished. Odd, even, squares, cubes or any multiples of his favorite number: which actually saved a few women as men were weak in maths, but any Woman’s favorite number had always had to be odd and it was surely odd since only one odd digit existed for them. The Man had everything to laugh and She had more than anything of nothing to cry, cry and only cry. Alas ! Man doesn’t cry, he moans at her shrieks and laughs as she cries. And she has cried for centuries.

Dotting forward, times changed, lifestyle changed, minds changed and cost of living changed, So, Man found it hard to have more than one bedroom; although he started renting rooms with his other men which paved the way for the word “Infidelity”, but still his fairly genuine thought has lived. ‘A Man Doesn’t Cry’

With the ink and words flowing like the broken tap in my room which never stopped because nobody wanted to stop, I wanted to stop but never realised i cannot !.

But rather why did I start. Because, I was broken like my tap and noone wished to stop, because my connections were wrong and my floodgates never stood still. Yes ! I do cry and I have cried, not once but countably uncountable times which includes Now. But believe me, never once did I cry for a Man. A Woman; My Mother, My Sister, My Friend made me cry, not because I was weak but I believe in their divinity. Why should I actually write all this, my twin within me mocked at me “You are not a Man, You cry for a Woman’. I have found him the perfect reply, Yes ! Am not a Man, but a mere Human, who loves mankind rather worship masculinity.

And Real Men Do Cry and I am “ONE” amongst them.


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