What is to be an Engineer in India?

You are one amongst the very special overcrowded species, boasting of a graduation degree which offers no employment but has given tones of insults and promises to give more and more of it. The most malleable and ductile materials ever existed and will exist forever are ‘Engineers’, who rolled themselves and crushed against each other for the sake of survival.

Perfumed shirts, trendy looks, dyslexic  hair and a file in hand, and we are the ‘Romeos’ of every modern road unlike our ‘Juliet’ who qualifies us till the doors of career are knocked.

True ! Love in any generation has nothing to give but only to take.

Whistling back to my earliest days of my love.

‘The School Days’, which initiated the hormones responsible for choosing engineering. ‘The Movies’ which made engineers look like a Lamborghini in Indian roads. I built my dreams each day of puffing a smoke, sharing a beer, chilling with a girl and being recruited for millions.

But what it has offered me ?A two letter to my already unused name, one dozen girlfriends and their two dozen boyfriend stories, and of course my lovely Peers, who like me are staring at the vast blue ocean and wondering why the Sun does not sink in it ? Lol ! Unanswerable, not one but to a never ending list of questions which of us have, to ask, and have been asked, to not ask.

To my wonder, even the Google does not have an answer for “Total Number Of Engineers In India”, Lol !, pity Google !, it goes blank when we are typed. Now coming to very basics of mixing commercialism, in which we are unmatched by any. Had we been in the period of ‘Game Of Thrones’. who we would have been ?.

‘The Starks’, title characters, celebrated and equally stamped and murdered, for what ?, no reason !. Exactly, No reason why we cannot be the ‘Starks’.  Being an engineer, there is no reason why we cannot be others too !

‘The Lannisters’ might be, well No !, Lannisters pays all his debts but we have nothing to pay and boast of debts and only debts. Clicked !

‘The White Walkers’ we are, rarely appear on screen but are feared the most. Look like clown but still regarded the game changers. Phew ! The World has this tendency to get attracted towards the unattractive. And Yes we are the most attractively unattractive.

‘The Winter Is Coming’, Yes ! We are coming. In another year I will walk into the battlefield against a 1.5 million warriors and another 1.5 will march to place. We are not going anywhere, but here to stay because no place welcomes an Indian B.E degree holder. And I am a very proud B.E degree holder, don’t ask me why ? I have multiple answers for those too !!


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