Keep Me Pushing To The Brink !

Keep me pushing to the brink,

The vast ocean in which I am ready to sink,

Push me to the brink,

I am ready to fall from height at your wink.

Sunny day it was, and why was the moon so bright,

The air carried her scent seducing every flower at her bay.

My eyes locked with hers, the world froze at her sight,

Made me wonder, do the colors splash at her say !

The black line on her lids, and her white marble eyes,

The curve on her nose, the rose on her cheeks,

Melody from her lips, that have all just made Beethoven utter lies,

And she, what is she ? No dream, but for real has made every chance of me living bleak !

Push me to the brink, I want to sink !

The heart clinked and the ocean erupted,

Immersing what was me till yesterday, and her’s today,

Was I a warrior then?, an organ bereaved,

Pulling all my veins out, pouring all my blood;

To show what?

I am immortal and blood doesn’t make me live,

I am lifeless and air doesn’t flow in me,

Am I alive ? Yes ! But,

The love has just made my life a wee,

Words are hard to come, emotions are hard to hide;

Spilling it,

Throw me into deep sea, blow me into pieces,

Burn me into ashes, but never tell;

You don’t Love me !


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  1. Raeshman says:

    .! Great one


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