The Eternal Sunshine!

Thousand Nights SHE lit her lamp,
Tearing down the darkness around,
For SHE knew only happiness and love,
Which lit this World on Her!

Born as a holy light with a gleaming heart,
SHE dropped down onto land, sending the sun missing in the sky!

SHE smiles at the Man who picks Her,
He lets a drop down and kisses Her.
But SHE stares at him, and smiles!
Alas! The Man never lets a drop down again,
For SHE kept smiling IN Him, Forever.

A feeble hand brushes Her, Wink!
Almighty! A tender heart smiles at Her.
SHE lets Her arms wrap him, and SHE sinks in Him,
SHE knew no love, on which the mortals walked,
For SHE walked in love only on his path, Undyingly.

Dressed like a jasmine, chirping like a cuckoo, SHE stands.
He glances at her, SHE, Skips a Beat, Blush!
The Moon hid her face, seeing Her smile,
Forever SHE kept smiling at Him with love,
For SHE, knew no World beyond Him.

SHE lets the darkness submerge her, Her smile wading,
The Land trembles, skies shriek, as she cries,
A new light is born! She looks down and the Earth cries!
For SHE, for once, stopped to smile to see someone else Smile!
Oh, Beautiful Lady!
You are not a mere Human!
As a Daughter to her Dad,
As a Sister to her Brother,
As a Wife to her Husband,
As a Mother to her Son,
As a Woman to the World,
As a Goddess to the Humanity
You have lit a thousand lives,
The Love has no meaning without You,
BECAUSE it lives “As You”.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Suuhashini says:

    You are an omni potent person😊


    1. Thank you Suuhashini 😊


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